Itchy Feet

I’ve recently turned 27 and the horrible realisation came crashing down on me that in just ten years I’ll be nearly 40. The horror! I imagine my 37 year old self, looking back and thinking what on earth did I do with my 20s?? Where did they go? The early 20s were the university years – days and weeks and glorious months stretching on with no responsibilities on the horizon, being saturated with friends, booze, parties, late mornings and later nights. Fast forward five years and 27 year old life looks entirely too settled… it looks a bit like this:

…a wonderful, kind, amazing man (a very large positive, I cannot complain about him), our house with a fairly hefty mortgage by anyone’s standards, impractical cars and associated costs, a joint account for bills and other such sensible and grown up things, a corporate job with far too much responsibility, friends who are popping out babies at a frankly alarming rate, and me hording my annual leave days like a miser with her stash of gold….

So when Blakey said he wanted to do some REAL travelling, suggested jacking in our jobs and leaving for a year, it was music to my ears. And when I told him my vision of horror concerning 37 year old Blakey and Lizi looking back on their hard-working, sensible 27 year old selves with a world of regret… well that just sealed the deal. It’s official! We’re going travelling!

…Now where the hell do we start?


We’re going to write down our adventures for various friends and family members who will want to know (we assume) the answer to some questions…Where are we in the world? What are we doing? Are we happy? Are we sick? And this way we can also avoid boring everyone to tears with a year’s worth of holiday stories and photos when we get home, for which I imagine you are all grateful.

As we’re being sensible about this and leaving ourselves a year or two for saving up, planning, pouring over travel blogs and Lonely Planet guides, I’m going to start writing things down as they come up in case anyone is ever bored enough to wonder how we planned it all, and also for our own benefit so we have laugh in hindsight at poor, foolish us… having no clue what we were doing, how to plan, what to buy, how much money we’d need, where to go… all the important stuff that we’ll probably get wrong!

Let’s see how we go… we might get two months down the line and totally change our minds, and all this could just be a pipe dream. But on the off chance that it’s not, I wanted to make a record of how it all began.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac


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