To tell or not to tell… how we quit our jobs

We’ve found a buyer for our house and the sale is in progress, and we’ve decided roughly when we’d like to go travelling (bring on the new year)… the one thing left is to tell our bosses we’ll be leaving. It’s a question of ‘when do we tell them?’ … do we wait until the sale of the house is finalised so our time frame is confirmed, or do we give them a head’s up beforehand and run the risk of the sale falling through but work knowing we are planning on going? It’s never going to be easy either way really – giving only the official month’s notice seems unfair as we both have a boss who treats us well, but if the house sale falls through and we’ve told them in advance, we’ll be working for people who know we will leave as soon as the next buyer comes along. Decisions, decisions…

In the end, it was kind of decided for us. Blakey’s team rota is being juggled around to deal with someone else leaving, people are being promoted, others moving to new shifts and his contract manager came offshore to deal with the reshuffle. Was he really going to stand by and watch them reorganise everyone’s lives and then tell them in a month’s time that they’ve got to do it all again? No, of course not. Especially so close to Christmas, where the rota affect everyone’s families so much as it could mean missing the Christmas period at home.

With mine, a girl has just come back off maternity leave and we need to decide how to distribute the workload. I can’t sit down with my boss and have that conversation then turn around after the house sale completes and tell them it was all bullshit because I’m not staying and by the way here’s my month’s notice. It just doesn’t seem right.

So we made the decision and took the risk of telling our bosses before the house sale completes. We both had a fair idea how it would play out, but I still lost sleep over it for a good week before biting the bullet and actually doing it. And you know what? I’m so glad I did. I called her and just said that we’d always wanted to travel the world and now seemed like the best time to go and although I couldn’t tell her officially yet because we’re waiting for the house sale to go through, I wanted to do the right thing of giving her an idea of our intentions so she could plan. Blakey said something very similar to his boss, and we both got very similar, and really lovely responses. We were both told that we’d be really missed and that we’d always have a job when we get back. My boss even mentioned a sabbatical, so I’d stay officially employed, which was really touching as it wouldn’t be easy to arrange, but I said I couldn’t accept as I didn’t know when we were coming back, and didn’t want to mess them about.

I’ve slept so much better since having that conversation, and Blakey says he’s really excited as it all seems real now, it’s just a huge relief and one less thing to worry about. We still have to complete the sale – hopefully we’ll be moving in two weeks, all being well – but now our bosses know we probably won’t be around much longer, they can at least plan for our departure before the official ‘handing-in-my-notice’ conversation.

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