The countdown begins… Pre-trip nerves setting in!

We’re going in two weeks. Round the world. For an indeterminant length of time. I’m just staring at those words, letting them sink in. Right now that makes me feel slightly sick.

I think it’s just hit me in the last couple of days that this is really happening, and it’s happening NOW. We finished work 6 weeks ago and didn’t really have an answer when people asked when we were going, except a shrug and a vague mutter of “dunno… January I think…” but now Blakey’s house renovation is pretty much finished and ready to be put on the market so that’s that. Shit.

Our next two weeks is jam-packed with goodbyes (mostly at the pub, win) with family and friends who are like family, and the reality has hit on how sad I will feel to not see certain people for years. I have a friend who I’ve known since we were babies and the thought of not seeing her fills me with mild panic, and on Friday I’m saying goodbye to my dad. I mean… it’s my dad. How do you say “see you in a few years… don’t know when” to your dad? Then next week to mum? Although I think she’ll come visit, as will Blakey’s parents, and various friends, and the thought of that certainly helps. I hate drawn out goodbyes. I think my plan of attack is going to be to pretend like I’m just saying goodbye-and-see-you-next-week kind of thing.

Obviously, the excitement is still rattling around somewhere in my brain, and both of us can’t wait for the big adventure to begin, it’s going to be unbelievable. However, at this particular minute I’m feeling the pre-trip jitters in a big way, especially when asked the following… Have you got your bags packed? Haha no. Flights booked? Don’t be silly. Bought everything you need? *Shrug*. Made a packing list even? Ummm. Know where you’re going? Blank stare. Do you even have a plan??

Then I thought about why we haven’t done these things and I’ve realised it’s because we’ve always been ‘last minute’ kind of people when it comes to certain tasks; we never have our bags packed until the day before a trip and aren’t the types to book a holiday a year in advance, or really have a concrete plan on where we’re going, just a loose ‘shall we go skiing?’ or ‘fancy somewhere hot?’. That’s not to say we’re not organised, because anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love being organised, it’s just that certain things are really not worth worrying yourself about, it’s just a waste of energy. Why make a solid plan for a round the world trip? We know vaguely where we want to go and what sort of things we want to do but the beauty of this sort of trip is that it can change all the time, there’s no rigid itinerary and it will probably turn out completely different from thee ideas in our heads.

It’s important to know some things in advance – we’ve done plenty of research on the type of places we want to go, we’ve researched and bought the best (and smallest) backpacks for our trip, we’ve stuffed them full of everything we think we’d need so we can check it’s not too heavy, we’ve had our jabs and bought a few months’ supply of malaria tablets, and got a year visa for Australia just in case we decide to stay a while. That’s the important stuff. Everything else can be sorted in the next week or so, or when we get there. I feel better now.

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